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HC Mingham-Smith Limited: Company / Product History

HC Mingham-Smith Ltd. produces time synchronisation software for PCs. The company currently has several products, Tardis 2000, K9, LogLady, and Dalek.

The idea for Tardis came about way back in 1994 when Chris Smith, now the company's Technical Director, became frustrated with the way his PC's clock drifted. Chris developed an application to ensure that his PC clock achieved a better level of accuracy using Internet based atomic clocks. Having completed the utility, which he named "Tardis" after the time machine in the 1960s cult sci-fi series "Dr Who", he decided to make it available as shareware via the Internet.

Over the next few years, Windows NT/2000 and 95/98/ME versions were added to the original Windows 3.x version of Tardis. Then K9, a complementary utility to enable time synchronisation over a LAN, was introduced. K9 includes support for win 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000 and Linux.

A diverse range of customers registered their use of the software: from individual home users to multinational corporations to Government departments.

As the customer base grew, it became apparent that a more formal business structure was required. Claire Mingham-Smith, a former commercial manager in the telecoms industry (now the company's Commercial Director), took over all non-technical aspects of the business, originally operating as a Sole Trader; then in 1998 set up the Limited Company.

Meanwhile we had embarked upon a complete re-write of Tardis, and Tardis 2000 was launched in late 1998. In addition to a much improved user interface, enhancements included support of GPS devices and use of the HTTP protocol to circumvent problems with corporate Firewalls.

The customer base now includes a significant percentage of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies in a wide range of business sectors including finance, telecommunications, healthcare, computer hardware and software, industrial control systems, leisure etc. The software is also widely used in the public sector worldwide.

The latest released versions of our products are available for download from this website