Welcome to LogLady, the small, fast Syslog server for Windows.  LogLady allows you to collect all the Syslog traffic on your network in a single place.   Many devices on your network can probably output Syslog messages.  Printers, routers, firewalls, Linux computers, and Windows can all output syslog messages.

LogLady provides a way to filter, analyze, and act on messages.  You may want to be e-mailed when a router identifies an issue.   Some messages could trigger the execution of a program to deal with the situation.  LogLady can do all this and more.

We hope you like this program.  If you have suggestions on how it could be improved please send us E-Mail at support@mingham-smith.com

Version 1.8 is now available for paying customers.


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Changes from version 1.7 -> 1.8

Added export/import settings
Added more information to snmptrap
Only show facilities that exist in filter
Fixed problem with embedded LF characters in messages (which is actually not allowed in syslog)
Added 'new rule button'
Added advanced control over snmp traps
Added advanced control over email messages
Search for message contents now filters as you type
Added time threshold for rule
Fix for crash caused by illegal priority messages
Added decode of event ID type arguments in event log messages

Changes from version 1.6 -> 1.7

Fix for problem where logging contained embedded ^z that caused history to appear to stop working
Added phone call monitoring
Added IP->hostname conversion for full text window (off by default)
Now saves order and size of columns
When changing filters the last entry in the list is now made visible
Added SNMP Trap action
Added SNMP Trap monitoring
Does not prompt to save log by default
At least poweruser privileges required to install

Changes from version 1.5 -> 1.6

Added logfile monitoring (like *nix tail -f)
Added message highlighting
Added thresholds to severity rules. E.g 'Warning or Higher' matches any severity level from warning, error etc.
Performance improvements (loads files 5 times faster)
Installation now prompts for restart if files from previous version are busy.

Changes from version 1.4 -> 1.5

Added new Write to ODBC database action
Added periodic time marks
Added substitution to some actions allowing message contents to be passed to programs/dialog boxes etc.
double clicking in the graph now shows the find dialog with the selected message
pressing Return on a message is now the same as double clicking
Add 'send to rules' option when right clicking on messages
Added 'Monitors' for files/folders and made eventlog a monitor
Added Ping Monitor to watch for changes in network devices
Fix for problem with eventlog messages with no message catalogue being ignored.
Added area for full text of message which made the find dialog look nicer too.
Added eventlog type to eventlog message
Added modify severity and facility actions

Changes from version 1.3 -> 1.4

Loglady can now act as a bridge between the Windows Event Log and Syslog worlds.
Windows events can be forwarded on to *nix syslog servers
Windows Event Log can receive syslog messages.

Added ability to read and process Windows Event Log messages!
Added ability to copy syslog messages into the windows event log
Added custom filters
Added regular expressions
Added filtering on multiple fields
Added clear history
Reduced need to redraw the screen when using filters.
Fixed bug in facility and severity find fields
Include dalek syslog client in installation
Improved the find dialog

Changes from version 1.2 -> 1.3

Added background service so LogLady can always be active even when user logged off.
LogLady now has a history so it can pick up where it left off.
User interface works as before but is usually just a means of displaying messages relayed on from the service.
On 95/98/ME there is no background service.
Rules processing changed slightly for discard action so no more rules processed after discarded
Added mail domain to SMTP
Added code to open XP SP2 firewall to syslog messages

Changes from version 1.1 -> 1.2

Added import and export in RFC3164 format.
Multiple files can be dragged and dropped. In both RFC3164 and Loglady formats.
Added ability to hide columns
Added find dialog
Window size and position now saved

Changes from version 1.0 -> 1.1

New option to show times as local or UTC
Lock display feature to stop new messages being shown
Can now click on graph to navigate messages.
Highlight toggle now works for multiple messages in filter and normal view