HC Mingham-Smith Ltd. is dedicated to helping PCs integrate into TCP/IP based networks whether they contain Windows, Linux, MACs or a mix of machines. Our products aid management and control of homogeneous and heterogeneous networks by conforming to open RFC standards.
Changes to Daylight Savings Time do not require our products to be updated as all timezone related issues are handled by Windows itself. NOTE Windows may need to be updated for our products to work correctly. Details are here.

Tardis 2000

Tardis is a shareware utility for Windows that makes sure your PC’s clock tells the right time. It supports NTP and many other protocols, including GPS (The Global Positioning System), and various Radio clocks.


K9 is a small shareware utility that is used to make sure that the clock on your PC is synchronised with the others on your LAN. It does this by listening for NTP time broadcasts on your LAN. If your LAN doesn't have NTP time broadcasts Tardis can provide them.

If you use Tardis on a LAN take a look at K9 for an easy way to synchronize many PCs at once


LogLady is a small, fast Syslog server for Windows.  LogLady allows you to collect all the Syslog traffic on your network in a single place.   Many devices on your network can probably output Syslog messages.  Printers, routers, firewalls, Linux computers, and Windows can all output syslog messages.

LogLady provides a way to filter, analyze, and act on messages.  You may want to be e-mailed when a router identifies an issue.   Some messages could trigger the execution of a program to deal with the situation.  LogLady can do all this and more.


Dalek is a command-line utility that allows PCs running Windows to send syslog messages. It is a reimplementation of the UNIX/Linux logger command for Windows.

The Syslog protocol has been used for many years to transmit logging messages across TCP/IP networks. It was originally part of the University of California Berkeley Software Distribution but now forms part of every distribution of UNIX and Linux. It has proved its worth in operations and management of network based devices.


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