Dalek Registration Form

(for customers in the European Union, but not in the UK)

Customers in the European Union who use the software for business purposes are responsible for paying VAT at the appropriate rate in their home country. Customers registering their own personal use should pay VAT at the UK rate of 17.5% to HC Mingham-Smith Limited. The following prices are in EUROs and are exclusive of VAT. Prices may be converted to the customer’s "home" currency if preferred.

Please circle either single or multiple registration


Single Registration

Single Copy at Euro 11.50 plus VAT


Multiple Registration

Please indicate the number of computers on which Dalek is installed and calculate the correct price

2 to 9 computers: ___ computers at Euro 7.00 plus VAT each = ____

10 to 24 computers: ___ computers at Euro 4.75 plus VAT each = ____

25 to 49 computers: ___ computers at Euro 3.50 plus VAT each = ____

50 to 99 computers: ___ computers at Euro 2.50 plus VAT each = ____

100 to 199 computers: ___ computers at Euro 1.75 plus VAT each = ____

200+ computers: ___ computers at Euro 1.50 plus VAT each = ____


Corporate License

Any number of copies for your whole company/organisation Euro 2300 plus VAT


Please provide the following information when registering:

Full Name/Name of company: _________________________________________________________

Your Address: _____________________________________________________________________



E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Windows Version: _________________ Dalek version _________________

Where did you obtain Dalek? ______________________________________________________