K9 V1.4

K9 is a family of small shareware utilities used to make sure that the clock on your PC/PDA is synchronised with the others on your LAN. It does this by listening for NTP time broadcasts on your LAN. If your LAN doesn't have NTP time broadcasts Tardis can provide them.

K9 is a companion program to Tardis. If you use Tardis with broadcast NTP then you can use K9 instead. K9 also works with Linux based NTP servers.

K9 has no user interface, none is required because there is no configuration. When you run it you will see NOTHING. It has no visible windows. Do not worry, this is normal. K9 will run in the background listening for NTP time broadcasts and quietly doing its job.

K9 takes less memory than Tardis because it doesn't need all the code to handle user interfaces.


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